The Mother of all rings….Mariah Carey’s 35 Carat vision of love…….

By now everyone has heard that Mariah Carey is engaged to Billionaire James Packer, and received a 35 carat emerald cut engagement diamond ring. The centre stone is larger than Kim Kardashians & Beyonce’s engagement ring combined.  It is flanked by 4 tapered baguettes. It has been estimated to be a cool 7.5 million US dollars. It is a flawless Emerald cut. ( no imperfections)


Let’s Bang 2016- Engagement Ring trends…that is!

Happy New Year Everyone!!! After a crazy holiday season….I am baaaaaack!!  This year I spent my holidays on the gorgeous Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico ( Isla Verde) to be exact!! It was my first time visiting Puerto Rico and it was simply stunning, the beaches were to die for. Pic attached of “Luquillo Beach”.


I can’t believe that we are already at the end of January and given wedding season is fast approaching; here are the top 3 hottest trends for 2016 regarding engagement rings:


Rose Gold, sometimes referred to as pink gold, continues to take the modern fashion world by storm.Don’t write off Rose Gold as being a simple fad only for fashion-statement jewelry! It seems this unique color of gold is here to stay, and may even surpass white gold as the precious metal of choice for engagement rings for years to come.

Rose Gold Engagement Ring


It seemed 2015 was the year of colour for engagement rings, as most celebrities opted to bling out their rocks with coloured gemstone accents. Jessica Simpson and Halle Berry come to mind bucking the trend, and this year is no different. Not only do they add a sense of individuality, but they also give a unique flare of luxury to your special lady’s Engagement Ring. For a woman with a vibrant personality and a fearlessly bold style, gemstone accents might just be the way to her heart!

Ruby Accent Engagement ring


Profiles, or side-views, of Engagement Rings are showcasing more detail than they ever have before. This exquisite detailing gives you a more intricate, more detailed ring to show off. The workmanship is an art form in itself as it takes diamond setters weeks to set these small diamonds ( into a pave setting).


Elaborate Profile


Most Romantic City “Venice” and Filigree Eternity Bands

Last year I had the pleasure of taking my mother to Italy. We visited Florence, Rome & Venice. I must admit I lost my heart in Venice, it simply was breath taking. I suppose being a romantic at heart I was able to witness a few pending nuptials and engagements. Naturally my passion for jewelry included daily excursions to Italian artisans who take great pride in the art of designing and crafting custom engagement pieces.

The Italians are not as easily impressed with large baubles, rather the intricacies of how the gold manifests itself in a piece of art form, is really what inspires Italian Designers.  I was surprised to find that their engagement rings, have few diamonds.

The trip inspired me to create an eternity band based on the Italian Filigree.

“Angel’s Venetian Nights”

18 Kt Rose gold, with 18 round brilliant diamonds total carat weight of 1.25ct VS 1 clarity & G color.

Price: 2199.00 US dollars


$_57-2 $_57-3 2013-06-30 03.17.06

Happy Holidays!!

As the Holiday Season is upon us, I would like to take the time to thank each and every one of my  “FB friends” for making my dreams a reality.

I wish everyone a safe and Happy Holiday Season. May the New Year bring Health and Happiness to you and your loved ones. Here’s to another year of sparkle and joy.

Buon Natale

P.S Just finishing off this for a Lucky Bride to Be…( My fingers are crossed she will say Yes)

5.38ct platinum engagement ring. Centered with a gorgeous emerald cut diamond approx: 3.28cttw, H color, VS clarity that is framed by 14 baguette cut blue sapphires approx: 2.10cttw, bezel and channel set.

$_57 copy 5.35ct 2


Come on…let’s Bling Out that “Marambaia Topaz”

This one is for my bestie….Sonia, as she is in Enamored with what she calls “Blue Moon Topaz” AKA Marambaia Topaz.

Excerpt from the gemguys:

“Topaz is one of the most commonly sold gemstones in the world and can be bought in many different colors. However, Marambaia Topaz is by no means an ‘average’ Topaz and is well known to be extremely hard to find and one of the most collectable forms, certainly the most collectable blue Topaz”.



“Brazil’s Teófilo Otoni mining region in the Rio Marambaia and Rio Santa Cruz river valleys of Padre Paraíso in Minas Gerais contain some of the richest gem-bearing pegmatite in the world. Topaz in general is not considered a hard gemstone to find, but what can be found in abundance is lower quality, weak colored, poor clarity specimens. When looking for top quality gemstones, Topaz does still produce some of the rarest examples, most notably the Imperial Topaz. High quality Marambaia Topaz is loved by a wide array of collectors and is the most sought after Topaz following the Imperial tones. These deep blue colors in Topaz are almost impossible to find”.


Sonia has been working relentlessly on a lot of my advertising campaigns for Angel’s ICE and I am hoping that in the not so distant future ” a blue moon topaz” will miraculously appear…..Let’s face it Sonia, isn’t a huge fan of large jewelry which is ironic that she does such a spectacular job with everything and anything that has to do with Angel’s ICE Diamonds and diamond Jewelry.

Yesterday I was at my local coffee shop playing around with some digital images and I think I came up with a perfect twist to an otherwise unknown and rare stone.  If I would ever get my hands on Sonia’s Blue Moon Topaz you can rest assured that somehow I will be injecting some sort of magical sparkle. So here is my version of  a “blue moon topaz” with a bit of Bling.

Below: 12.86ct Marambaia Topaz set in 18kt white gold with 0.28ct Micro Pave

Sonia Enagement Ring

Holy Pink Diamond Bracelet…..Batman!

I stumbled upon this pink diamond bracelet, and it’s the first time I actually loved a piece enough to replicate for my own personal jewelry collection. It’s a pink diamond bracelet set in 18kt rose gold, accented with marquise, pear, oval shape pink diamonds and white round brilliants. Personally I would ensure that the diamonds are all at least VS 2 clarity as with most fancy cuts, inclusions are fairly easy to spot with the naked eye if one were to go lower than a VS quality.

I suppose I have a fascination with pink diamond bracelets, as the Argyle Mine situated in Australia will be depleted of all natural pink diamonds by the end of 2020. Hence anyone seeking a good investment or simply a breathtaking piece should really consider pink diamonds.

The piece has a total of 155 diamonds which totals about 9.65ct, ( approx 0.06ct each diamond) and is simply stunning…the retail price is $15,995 US dollars.



Not ready to take the plunge……How about a promise Keepsake?

On my flight back from Phoenix, I had an interesting conversation with a man sitting beside me regarding engagement rings, and his thoughts about engagement rings and engagement jewelry as a whole.

He asked me,  if a man wasn’t quite ready for the commitment of marriage but wanted to give his girlfriend a promise keepsake and didn’t want this keepsake to comprise of a ring, even though he wanted the piece to contain diamonds he wanted my thoughts/ suggestions.

I thought about many alternative pieces that he could have gone with but this man was really stylish, almost with an edge, and I couldn’t fathom him giving a trinket to his girlfriend that was average and easily obtainable at the local jewelry store.

My suggestion to him was to giver her ” ANGEL’S PASSION”

Angel’s Passion is a unique pendant symbolizing a joining of sexual synergies between two people.

It is a unique diamond pendant where the two pieces detach allowing both partners to wear a piece of the puzzle, sort of speak. The woman would keep th female symbol with diamonds, where as the male would keep the male symbol kept in plain gold.   It is hand crafted in 18kt white gold with a total carat weight 1.00ct Diamonds G-H Color VS Clarity which includes an 18Kt White gold Bead Chain “16 inches”

It is the perfect diamond promise keepsake for the couple who want to make a statement of their commitment towards each other without having to jump into marriage.

7235-4 angels_passion3

Revamping the “Tennis Bracelet”


 Two months ago, I had a client who wanted to revamp is wife’s diamond tennis bracelet for their 10 year wedding anniversary, he said that the piece was outdated and wanted to extract the current diamonds/ add new ones to create a completely different piece. In his own words he stated he wanted the “WOW FACTOR”Let’s face it, diamonds are always going to be in style. However, the way they are worn can come and go in fashion. In my opinion the diamond tennis bracelet is currently out of style with those who follow fashion. The following reasons explain why this once popular looks now a faux pas:


  1. Uncool Vintage
  2. Simplistic
  3. Expensive Upkeep
  4. It’s not unique
  5. It’s not avant garde




In the 1987 U.S. Open, tennis star Chris Evert was playing a vigorous match. In the middle of the game, she asked the officials to stop the game because her diamond bracelet had come unclasped and fallen on the court. She asked for time to search for and retrieve her bracelet.  Since that time, the bracelet has been referred to as “tennis bracelet.”



The form of a tennis or an eternity bracelet makes it ideal for sporty women whose active lifestyle doesn’t lend itself to the wearing of bangles or heavy jewelry. The bracelet is lightweight and flexible, making it less likely to get banged or dinged when playing a sport such as tennis.

Creating NEW with the OLD


The new bracelet consisted of a new platinum setting while extracting the old 10pt round brilliant diamonds ( you can see them in the middle of the piece), and incorporated an additional 4.00ct of smaller round brilliant stones. The end result was a modern twist on an outdated piece of jewelry with a total carat weight of  6.00ct / VS 2 clarity and G color.



464001cc800x5366.08ct diamond platinum bracelet

My 3 Carat Cupcake…..

In recent years I have heard some pretty interesting stories about how their significant “other” decided to propose.  Recently one of my client’s sent forth this pic with a caption that stated ” I said yes ” so happy I am marrying my best friend and the person I love.  The diamond was a gorgeous 3.00 carat Oval with tapered baguettes on each side, sitting in a sea of candy sprinkles.

I wondered how many of my engagement rings over the last few years have ended up hidden in tasty morsels of food, and more importantly I always wonder the priceless reactions when the person realizes their food contains their engagement ring.

Here is a snippet of tango’s five best ways to conceal your engagement ring in food:


1) Ice Cube. To catch her completely off-guard, take the liquid approach to surprising her with a ring. Freeze the ring inside an ice cube and then add it to her favorite cocktail. There will be enough time for solid preparation on your end as the cube melts and genuine surprise on her end when she finds a floating diamond in her drink.

2) Oyster Shell. Buy some oysters to have as appetizers and place the ring inside one of the shells (after washing it out). Whether you want the proposal to take place at home or in a restaurant, mix up the schedule by popping the question before dinner rather than after. That way, the two of you can enjoy a romantic meal rather than one filled with awkward tension and sweating.

3) Baked Potato. The key to combining engagement rings with food is to make sure the food vessel lends itself well to being opened — a baked potato is a great example. Throw a couple of steaks on the grill, sauté vegetables and bake some potatoes for an enjoyable meal at home. Prepare her potato by making a slit down the center and sticking the ring inside it, so that it’s still visible.

4) Lobster Claw. Seafood turns sexy with this fresh take on incorporating engagement rings into food. If you’re apprehensive about the ring getting damaged but still want to present it as part of a meal, go for the simpler approach of sliding it onto a lobster claw. It’s easily visible, elegant and equally romantic. The vibrant red brilliantly contrasts with silver or gold turning the big question into an artsy composition.

5) Cracker Jack Boxes. To discover the prizes hidden inside. Recreate the adult version of that anticipation by replacing the actual prize with an engagement ring. Reseal the box and present it to her for a unique and youthful proposal, plus it’s so much better than getting plastic jewelry!

Just make sure that whatever you decide that the engagement ring remains with the food and not in your significant others stomach!!



Pretty in Pink….Halo Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

Several blogs ago I wrote about how to enhance a “smaller diamond” in a manner that appears larger than it actually is, this gorgeous pink diamond is a perfect example of understated elegance.  The bride’s favorite color was pink, and given the expensive nature of pink diamonds, we managed to stay under her budget ( $25,000US)  in order to achieve a ring that represented both her and fiance ( now husband :)……

The .80 carat natural pink cushion shaped diamond is certified by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) with a color grading report.

The diamond is called a “Square Modified Brilliant Cut” and has a natural light-pink color with an even distribution grading. The clarity is SI2, meaning it has slight inclusions that are difficult to see with the naked eye.

This diamond is set in an 18k rose gold and platinum cushion halo diamond ring. The ring was custom created to display this amazing diamond. The mounting features .42cts of round brilliant cut white diamonds that are prong set along the shank and halo. The halo is comprised of 18 karat rose gold and the rest of the ring is comprised of platinum. The ring is currently a size 6.0 and can be sized at no charge.  The ring would allow most straight wedding bands to sit flush against it.

** Permission was granted from Bride & Groom to display their amazing engagement ring**


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