Hearts & Arrows

Hearts & Arrows is the term used for super ideal cut diamonds that exhibit a complete and precise Hearts & Arrows pattern. Hearts & Arrows diamonds have three distinguishing factors ā€“ perfection in polish, symmetry, and proportion. This effect is attained when all the facets are precisely aligned and the diamonds are cut and polished to perfection. The perfect symmetry of an hearts and arrows diamond makes it the ultimate ideal cut

Ultimate Ideal Cut

What truly makes these diamonds so remarkable is the amount of light they produce. A complete ‘Hearts & Arrows’ pattern has an average light return of 98%.The 8 arrows visible from the crown side are the 8 pavilion main facets, while the 8 hearts visible through the pavilion side are created by reflection of 16 lower girdle facets, in the table of the stone.One can see why all the facets must be exactly the same shape and size. If the cut of the diamond is even slightly asymmetrical, the result will be a distorted, crooked, uneven or incomplete pattern.

Hearts and Arrows are not for everyone. They are for the individual that seeks the best in everything and won’t settle for second best. True Hearts & Arrows are rare and limited in production; so only select merchants can offer them.

The phenomenon of the Hearts & Arrows Ideal Cut may be view easily by any body that possesses a proportion or fire scope. Top 1%